Planning In-House Events for Your Small Business

Written on:January 3, 2013
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Whether you are just opening the doors of the new business or you want to get the word out about a business that has been around a while, planning an event and inviting customers and the neighborhood can create a lot of positive press that will help ramp up your business and gain new customers for you.

Types of Events

There are any number of events you can plan, but when it comes to drawing a crowd, the more fun and unique you can make your event, the more people will show up.

  • Parties
  • Themed events
  • First looks at new products
  • Deep discounts to current customers
  • Customer appreciation

Within each of these categories, there are very specific and exciting things you can do. One of our clients, Jen Connor of JenLuvsArt shared an event Promo Divas helped her come up with to introduce people to her paintings. She sold her first few paintings at the event and her business has grown via word of mouth since that point.

Teaming Up with Others

Some businesses seem particularly well suited for partnerships. If you own a coffee shop, team up with a local author or musician to provide entertainment for your customers. You can make the event by invitation only or open it to the general public. Any type of brick and mortar shop can benefit from these types of events.

If you own a direct sales or service business, you may have to put on your thinking cap to come up with a way to team up with others. At Promo Divas, we often consult with clients to help them come up with a formal plan of action as part of a custom promotional package.

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