Oklahoma Tornadoes

Written on:May 21, 2013
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Tonight, our thoughts and prayers go out the those in Oklahoma who have lost homes, businesses and especially those who have lost loved ones. Promo Divas is based out of Henryville, Indiana, and while we were fortunate to have a death toll of only one, we know the fear of not knowing if your loved ones are safe.

If it is anything like what we went through, almost immediately there was no way to communicate. Cell phones ceased to work, because the tower was taken out, and you could not get around the town to even check on people.

There are no words for our sorrow over the many young lives lost and the pain and anguish their families must be feeling or will feel in the days to come.

It’s impossible to understand some things in this life, but we remember that our Lord understands all of our struggles and weeps with us.

He heals the brokenhearted And binds up their wounds ~ Psalm 147:3

Please join us in praying for the town of Moore and sending help as you are able and it is needed. Even if you do a small thing, like donating your MyCokeRewards points to one of the schools that were destroyed or donate $5 to your local church that is gathering supplies to send, try to do something to help.

In the days following the tornadoes on March 2nd, 2012, the thing that healed our town more than the town being cleaned up or things being rebuilt was the kindness of a world full of strangers who wanted to help.

Hugs your children a bit closer tonight.

God bless!

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