Making Your Website User Friendly

Written on:January 8, 2013
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50 years ago, a business was pretty simply. You ran it out of a storefront or your home. Today, the face of business has changed drastically. Nearly every type of business needs a web presence and that is your first impression on a new customer. Yet, this is where I see so many business sites go wrong.

Mistakes in Web Design

It truly amazes me how many people out there claim to be SEO experts or have web design experience, yet the way they handle these two elements proves they really don’t know what they are doing. The rules to good web design are very simple and easily learned with just a bit of research. Same thing with SEO rules.

Rules of Good Web Design

Rule # 1: Don’t Hurt the Readers’ Eyes

Want your reader to hang around a while? Avoid things that almost burn the eyeballs they are so hard to look at. No big blocks of black with white text or some bold color with white text or light-colored text. No text that is teeny tiny and hard to read or so big you have to scroll every millisecond. Avoid, at all costs, too much of a neon or extremely bright color. When it doubt, go for neutral, softer colors and avoid harsh looks that will turn off a reader.

We read all day long now between iPods, smart phones, the computer, etc. Be kind to your readers’ eyes.

Rule # 2: Make Navigation Simple

Want your readers to see that you have five main sections in your site? Then make those sections easy to navigate to. Avoid menus where users have to mouse over to find a link, because not everyone has the software installed to view such menus. Don’t hide navigation far down at the bottom of a long page. Ideally, navigation links will be simple and near the top or at the side of the page near the top. You can repeat at the bottom, too, of course.

Rule # 3: Declutter

If you’ve ever watched the show “Hoarders”, you probably had a sudden urge to declutter your home. Why not spend some time decluttering your web page? Separate info if there is too much on one page. Make things simple. No more than 5-10 main categories and then organize under those so things are easy to find. Delete all those extra banners, ads, images that are on your page. A few are all you need. No one really wants to see the CEOs wedding pictures from 1983. Trust me.

Rule # 4: Fresh Content

Post fresh content at least once a week. Otherwise, why would a reader return to your site. You want to give them value in the reading material and make them return again and again, so that the next time they need an exterminator, hair dresser, web designer, or cake baker, they will immediately think of you and use your services or buy your products.

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