About Us

We are an experienced small business advertising and consulting agency based in southern Indiana. Even though we’re headquartered in Indiana, we have clients from all around the globe.

Our mission is to help small and mid-sized business owners with the little details they often don’t have time to attend to. We have a team of writers, marketers, designers and developers who understand the ever-changing digital market and how to drive results for you. Our goal is to offer each client a one-on-one experience that perfectly suites their business goals.

We send 30-50 new leads your way every month. For some business owners, those new clients are worth thousands of dollars each. We’re happy to work with you no matter the size of your budget. Drop us a note and we’ll chat about the options.

Meet Our Founder


Our founder is Lori Soard. She’s worked as a professional writer, editor and web developer since 1996 and has helped build teams for dozens of companies. She holds a bachelor’s in English Education and a PhD in Journalism. She’s taken numerous courses in web development and marketing and strives to hire the best of the best in each specialty area.

She’s personally written thousands of articles on technology, business and lifestyle topics. She is a guru in how to make a business more efficient due to her organizational skills and can help any company save time and money while keep customers and employees happy.

Our Company Values

Our number one priority is making the world a little better place for those we come in contact with. That might mean letting an employee work from home because their child is ill or even giving them some extra paid time off. It sometimes means putting in extra hours on the weekends because a client had a major issue and needs help.

Our inspiration comes from a poem often attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson that talks about making even one life breathe easier because you lived to find success. Our goal is to make you breathe easier and know your online marketing is in good hands.

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