‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – Rosemary Everson

Written on:December 18, 2011
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My Friend Maggie by Rosemary Everson

Today, we bring you the memories of author Rosemary Everson. The contest works like this… Read the story, send an e-mail answering a simple question and gain entries for the drawing to win a deluxe prize package that includes all kinds of goodies, including autographed books, gift cards, bath products, lotions, candles, candies and more.

Rosemary’s Story

I thought…what is my favorite Christmas memory?  There are several Christmas happenings in my life which are my favorite(s).  There is dear Santa, cookies and Norwegian baking with my mom, wrapping presents after the children were in bed but the opportunity of planting our own Christmas trees was an experience in itself.  I’ll always remember the challenge in selecting that right Christmas tree!  If the children or I didn’t help select the tree, my hubby would bring a Charlie Brown tree home to decorate; there was either a hole in the back or in the front of the tree.  Several years later, we were blessed with grandchildren but also I decided to purchase an artificial tree.  The smell of a fresh cut evergreen or walking on a fresh blanket of snow was not necessary anymore.  Today my hubby and I experience our grandchildren staying overnight on Thanksgiving and we decorate the Christmas tree.  The blinking of a lighted angel on the top or the tree trimmed with gorgeous lights, beautiful glass ornaments hanging from the branches, and a pretty fluffy skirt on the bottom makes it look festive and beautiful.  On Christmas Day, we reminisce and listen to the long ago traditions as the grandchildren read the Christmas Story…the birth of Jesus Christ.  This is the true meaning of Christmas.             

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