‘Twas the Night Before… Tara Fox Hall

Written on:December 8, 2011
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Today, Promo Divas brings you the story of Author Yearbook author Tara Fox Hall. Read the story, answer the question, and be entered for a chance to win our deluxe gift package.

Tara Fox Hall’s Favorite Christmas Memory

One Christmas morning, my father told me that Santa had left me something special outside. There, up on the flat roof of the garage, was Clip Clop, the first riding horse equipped to make real horse noises.

My father helped me carefully climb to the roof via ladder. I peered over the edge, amazed. There in the snow were the tracks of reindeer coming in from one end of the garage roof, the thin marks from sleigh runners, and nothing else.

It was only when I got older that I understood how hard it must have been to get that horse up on the roof. I’m still not sure how he made the sleigh marks and hoof marks without disturbing the snow with any footprints.

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