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Written on:October 27, 2011
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Electronic Newsletters are an Inexpensive Way to Promote Your Business.

No matter what type of business you own, starting an electronic newsletter can help you stay in touch with your customers and grow your business.

Authors can utilize an e-newsletter to update fans about new books, signings or special offers. Local businesses can provide information on new services or advances in the industry along with a coupon to bring customers in the door.

There are a few simple steps that will get you started.

Collect E-mails

Gather the e-mail addresses of your current clients. You can offer a coupon for signing up for the newsletter, encourage them that future offer will be made through the newsletters or simply ask for their information. Also, it is a good idea to create an easy way to sign up on your website. A word of caution, never spam people who have not asked to be on your list or been on your mailing list in the past and offer an easy way to unsubscribe. Spam will turn customers off and may lose your business instead of helping you gain business.

Choose a Format

Decide on a format for your newsletter. You can use a simple, straightforward e-mail that offers a short blurb about new services and information on the current discount. You could also utilize a service that creates an HTML newsletter. If you’re looking for free options, something like Yahoo Groups might be an excellent choice. It is best to start simple. You can always upgrade to a bigger and more advanced newsletter later.

Create Content

The key to keeping subscribers is offering excellent content. If you run an auto repair service, include an article that outlines when different services should be performed on a car, such as oil change every 5,000 miles and tire rotation every other oil change. If you are a wedding photographer, feature a piece about how to pose for photos so that you look your best. If writing is not your strength, utilize a content service to produce the articles for you.

Send the Newsletter

Choose how often you’ll send the newsletter. At least once a month is best, but weekly is ideal. Send the newsletter on the same day each time and try not to skip mailings. Also, offer to let them forward the e-mail in its entirety. If you provide engaging content, clients will forward to friends, who may in turn subscribe to the newsletter and eventually patron your business.

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