Social Networking: Should You Do It?

Written on:December 9, 2012
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Is social networking important to your business? Perhaps you own a small, local business and just don’t see the benefit of social networking. If networking is beneficial for all businesses, then it stands to reason that social networking could be, if used effectively and with your specific business needs and customers n mind.

Why Social Network?

Social networking does several things for your business:

  • It makes you think outside the box. Promoting your business online is different than in print or any other medium. You have to get creative, constantly try new things and stay on top of the hottest trends.
  • It puts your name in front of new customers. If you set up a Facebook page and just one of your customers “likes” that page, all of their friends see that they like you and they may remember your business’ name the next time they need a dry cleaner, car mechanic, tax adviser, therapist, (fill in your business type here).
  • It is inexpensive. Promoting online, even when you hire someone else to do the work for you, is much more cost effective than just about any other type of promotion.
  • It lasts longer. Let’s say you post a testimonial from a customer on your Twitter feed. It stays there, waiting for someone to look back through the posts and see it.
  • It’s growing by leaps and bounds. In a November, 2012 study, Pew Research found that about 69% of adults are already using social media. The number of young users (18-29) has grown by about 10% since 2009. 66% of those users chose one site over all the others. Can you guess which one? We could and we were right based on our internal indicators of a successful promotion.

Examples of Successes


Lori and her crew set up a social networking campaign for me. I had a presence on some of the best sites, banners, ads going on and even a new banner for my FB page. Within two weeks, I had gained three new clients who gave me huge orders.” ~ Melissa Drew, Some Wear Over the Hair Bow


Recently, we wanted to test some of our new principles we are applying to promotions these days, so we took on our resident graphic artist, Jen Connor, as a guinea pig of sorts. We made sure Jen’s website that features her artwork was updated and used our internal SEO tactics. We then set up a three-month Internet promotion campaign that included every type of social media imaginable. In a typical year, Jen sells about 10 paintings. Most of her time is devoted to graphic design work for companies like ours. However, after our three-month campaign, Jen reports the following:

It was unbelievable to me, Lori. I have had my paintings in area restaurants, stores, art galleries and online for 20 years. I have never sold more than a dozen paintings in a year. I will admit that my time is limited, because I make more money from my commercial work. However, I love painting and really want more of a balance between the two. I just didn’t know how to get there. At first, it didn’t seem to be doing much. You kept telling me to be patient, that your tactics work 90% of the time but that they take time. Patience isn’t my thing. After the second month, I noticed my website traffic was increasing. By a bunch! After three months, I can say that I sold 13 of my paintings and have been commissioned to paint three family portraits. Three months! 13 Paintings! If I could sell that every three months, my sales just increased three-fold each year. I just went from selling 10 paintings a year to about 48. that is an amazing increase for my line of work. Thank you thank you thank you for “using me” as you put it to test out your theories. I love you!” ~ Jen Conner, JenLuvsArt

What We Can Do for You

Here are Promo Divas, we want you to find success. Part of that success is a strong online presence. Our team of social networking specialists will work with you to plan out your promotions for three-months at a time, including any advertising, timeline banners for Facebook (we create those for you), how often you should post, creative new things you can do, how to go from posts to sales and so much more. Check out our social media packages for details. At the very minimum, set up a page on Facebook and start talking to your clients about what you have to offer them.


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