Should Advertising Be Banned?

Written on:June 17, 2015
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Are you sick of watching advertising? Join the debate on whether it should be banned.

According to Plunkett Research, about US$474 billion was spent globally on advertising efforts in 2010 alone. Consumers are bombarded with advertisements every day. Companies put these marketing efforts into magazines, online ads, direct mail campaigns, on television and on billboards. Today’s youth see products used in movies through product placement and are encouraged to buy whatever new or improved item the advertisers think they must have.

In an article published on April 14, 2004, in the New York Times, more than 60 percent of consumers said they feel more negative toward advertising than in 2001. A whopping 66 percent indicated they “are constantly bombarded with too much” marketing. Still, around 34 percent indicated that they understand the need for advertising. People seem to be aggravated when they feel that the advertising is intrusive or overboard.

In fact, some people complain that there seems to be no escape from advertising. It is everyone. When you open your e-mail inbox, you are bombarded with spam and ads in the sidebar. When you log into Facebook or MySpace, you will see more ads. People even tweet ads to Twitter these days. Turn on the television and you’ll definitely be subjected to commercials. Radio stations, magazines and newspapers are the same. Some public restrooms even have advertising on the inside of the stall doors now.

Although some would argue that billions of dollars could be better spent elsewhere, the revenue from marketing creates a number of jobs in the public relations industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that in 2010-2011, there were more than 623,000 jobs in this industry in the United States. Even though the advertising may be aggravating at times, most would agree that completely taking marketing away as an industry would be harmful to the global economy. The best one can hope for is that advertisers will respect boundaries and advertise with a bit of morality and understanding that consumers don’t care to be subjected to the same ad over and over again.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Love advertising? Hate it?

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