Why Press Release Blasts Don’t Work

Written on:January 5, 2013
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If you’ve ever heard of a press release blast, it might have sounded like a pretty good idea. Here at Promo Divas, we think it is a little like throwing a stack of papers off the top of a tall building and hoping someone grabs one who may or may not be interested in your business. While you might luck out and gain a client here or there, you really aren’t using your efforts effectively or your promotional dollars to their best advantage.

What a Press Blast Does

A press blast sends out your press release to multiple media outlets around the country and sometimes around the world. That means that your press release is reaching people in many different markets and even sections of the same newspaper.

This approach has some intrinsic problems, including:

  • Can be seen as spam
  • Not targeted and the recipient may or may not be interested in the topic
  • Social media has forever changed public relations and what worked in the past no longer works
  • Online blasts may hurt your website ranking in the long run
  • Unless you have a relationship with the journalist, your press release will likely be overlooked

You’ve just spent a lot of time and money sending out that release and may not have one bit of promo to show for it.

What Works Better

Forget the caveat that you must write and send out a press release. First, ask if the item is even news worthy. Do you have an event coming up? Did your writing win an award? These items may be newsworthy and worthy of a press release. However, just writing a release that you’re having a sale probably is not unless it is a massive sale the likes of which people have never seen before.

Instead, try to use targeted press releases sent to very specific media outlets. Rather than spend your funds and time blasting releases willy nilly, use those resources for modern PR tactics that will give you better results.

How We Can Help

Give your press release a professional polish. The experts at Promo Divas can help you figure out where to best target your PR market and we can also give you ideas for where to spend all the money you’ll save so that you get more attention for your business. Check out our social media packages for one idea.

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