How to Get Local Media Coverage

Written on:December 14, 2013
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I just finished reading an article by Stacey Aaronson over on the Self Publishing Scoop blog that was titled “Make Reporters Say Yes: The Must-Know Steps for Self-Published Authors to Get Local Media Coverage“. Aaronson makes some excellent points about how to prepare a press release package or news item for local media to increase your chances of coverage.

Although many of our clients pay us to do social media type promotion and a few even for local promotions, the majority focus on letting a PR company do national and international exposure and handle the local exposure on their own. This is a cost effective solution for those on a promotional budget that allows them to get the most bang for their buck.

Aaronson’s article is timely as many authors are gearing up for news on their spring releases. However, even though the article is aimed at self-published authors, the tips in it are valuable to any small business owner/client on our list. I hope you enjoy her article as much as I did.

Remember that a little bit of promotion goes a long way. Even if you only have a few dollars to spend and a few minutes per day to invest, you can get the word out about your business, product or books. Happy promoting!

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