The Importance of Newsletters

Written on:February 22, 2012
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Do you have a newsletter for your business? Business owners often overlook the importance of offering a newsletter to their clients. A regular newsletter keeps you in the forefront of your clients’ and potential clients’ minds. You can also use your newsletter to educate your customers on important topics. Here are some rules of thumb to creating a newsletter that will be a vital part of your thriving business:

Offer Useful Content

First and foremost, your newsletter should offer useful content to your reader. If you are a real estate agent, your newsletter should offer tips for preparing a house for listing or for finding the perfect kitchen. Offer tips that will help educate and inform your readers and they’ll be much more likely to read your newsletter when it arrives.

Occasionally But Not Infrequently

The timing of a newsletter is everything. I advise my clients to create a monthly newsletter. This is occasional enough that your readers will receive new issues well, but it is frequent enough that they’ll remember they are subscribed to the newsletter. Weekly newsletters have their place, but my experience is that they also have a high unsubscribe rate.

Special Offers and Events

Utilize your newsletter to get information on special sales and upcoming events to your customers. One client offers a coupon code in each month’s newsletter to her clients. These clients get an extra 15% off just by mentioning the code. She tells new customers about the newsletter and encourages them to subscribe to get the discounts. Special events might be an annual customer appreciation night. You can use the newsletter to offer details on such upcoming events and happenings.

Just for Fun

Unless you are in a very serious business, such as funeral planning, utilize some of the space for a bit of levity. A newsletter that offers a laugh is often better received than one that comes across as too stuffy. Yes, you want to remain professional, but you can also insert some light and appropriate humor into your newsletter without losing integrity.

A newsletter does not have to cost your company a bundle. You can send it out via snail mail, give it to clients as they come into your establishment or send it out via e-mail. You can certainly create a newsletter on your own, or if you’re looking for a professional solution, contact Promo Divas for a custom quote.


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