How Fresh Content Drives Traffic to Your Website

Written on:July 2, 2015
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What’s the point of having a website if there’s nobody looking at it? Not much of one, frankly. But how do you drive more traffic to your site?

Things like traditional advertising and a good social media presence can help drive new customers to your website–and even inform older customers of it, if an online presence is a new facet of your business.

Google’s algorithms rank sites based on how often they post new content, so making sure there are plenty of new, original posts can boost your rankings during searches. The higher your business’s website shows up in online searches, the more likely users are to click on and visit your site.

Social media is a great way to drive users to your website, either by creating and maintaining a Facebook/Twitter page or creating a niche Facebook group that allows you to cater to specific interests and foster discussions among patrons (really, you should try to do both if you have the time and resources.) Once the users are actually on your side, though, what is there for them to actually look at?

Simply having an “about us” page, a contact page isn’t enough to keep users interested enough in your website to keep coming back and driving your business’s name up in search engine queries.

Users want websites that inform them about your company’s mission, but they also want things such as blog posts, photos, and online stores if that’s something your business could run successfully. Potential customers are going to look at your competitors before choosing a business to go with, more likely than not, so why not give them the information right there on your site?

Having several blog posts or articles posted on your site that are relevant to your business can help create trust in readers, since they will see well-written, informed content, and can also keep potential customers on your site longer as they read.

How do you get new content for your site?

Well, blogging is a great start. It gives readers an in depth look at you, your business, and if you’re good at it, can help create loyal customers who come back to read your posts.

If you’re looking to tie in social media, making videos (“vlogs”) on YouTube can also draw users to your site–as well as bring in new users who may see the videos on YouTube. Video content is especially engaging (when well done,) as some users will skim over big chunks of text, while most will watch a short video.

Hiring an agency like ours to create new content–for example, articles like this one–is another way to get all the benefits of fresh online content without as much work.

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