The Changing Face of SEO

Written on:January 6, 2013
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A few years back, search engine optimization (SEO) was a simple formula. Use a keyword a certain number of times, make sure you used certain headings, even add some code to meta tags. It was almost guaranteed your site would rank pretty well in the search engines if you followed this formula.

Raging Panda

Ask any website owner about Google Panda and you’ll likely hear a groan or two. Many websites nearly went under when Google instigated its algorithm changes in 2011. We can argue about the positives and negatives of this decision, but the truth is that Google has changed forever and so must we as website and business owners. I have inside information on SEO tactics, both from work I’ve done and from a short stint as a site rater (a non-disclosure agreement prohibits me from mentioning the company, but let’s just say I know a thing or two about how Google rates sites).

If your sites was one of those hit by Google’s changes, you may still be trying to recover. One friend of mine, who was making a living off of Hub Pages, saw such a decrease in traffic that her income dropped to nearly nothing.

Another company I worked for was forced to lay off most of its writing workforce after the changes and is just now battling its way back.

Panda raged and although some sites did need to be hit with the SEO changes, some were caught up in the mix that actually offered valuable content to readers.

Changing Face of SEO

Because of Google’s algorithm changes and changes in the way people do business online, SEO is different than it was even three years ago. If you only have time and resources to make a few changes, put these at the top of your list to help your ranking.

—> Add at least one new content item a week (preferably per day). This item should be high quality, well researched and something your readers will find of value.

—> Edit your old content and get rid of overuse of keywords (in fact, I’d just stop using keywords other than for topic research), poor writing, articles that are too short, or articles with too many links or that seem spammy.

—> Reduce the number of ads on your site if you haven’t done so already. Too many ads will make your ratings take a hit.

A Handful of Changes

Making a handful of changes can have a huge impact on how much traffic you get from search engines. Give it a try. I think you’ll be surprised. When you’re ready for additional support, our SEO specialists are available for consultations.

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