Do You Need a Blog for Your Small Business?

Written on:January 4, 2013
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Blogging seems to be all the rage these days, but you may be wondering whether or not it is right for your particular business.

Cheap Promotion

When it comes to promotions, blogging is fairly inexpensive. Even if you use a service like the ones we provide at Promo Divas for the initial setup, the monthly investment in keeping a blog running is only a little time and effort.

Blogs are a good way to educate your customers. Let’s use an example of a heating and cooling specialist. The businessman can set up a blog on his website and blog about topics like when to get your furnace checked or how to get better efficiency out of your system. This will provide his customers with valuable information and may even help a new customer or two discover his business.

Thinking Outside the Box

Another great thing about blogs is that they make you think outside the box and to keep an eye on what others are doing out there. For example, when I was looking for new topics to write about for Promo Divas, I did some online Googling to see what topics were popular. I read through a number of blogs and it got me to thinking about the whole process of blogging and why we do it. From that came this idea to discuss with you, my clients, why having a blog is important for most business owners. In the past, I’ve also had ideas spring from my articles on how to better promote my customers or will get a great promotional idea for a specific client that I can send to him or her. Blogging makes your brain work in new ways and that is always a good thing.

The Best Blogs

The best blogs offer information you are an expert on and that the customer needs. If you have employees, you may want to get them to post as guests as well (give them a small bonus for the extra work). Also consider guest posts from non-competitors.This is valuable, because these people will tell those they know about their post on your site and you will gain new visitors and potential new customers. See how this all comes together?

How We Can Help

Of course you can set up a free blog at one of the blogging sites and you should do that if you are on a very tight budget. However, there will come a day when you want something more professional or something integrated into your own website. That’s where Promo Divas comes in. We can help with that. We will even help you migrate all of those old articles from the free blog over to your new blog and place them in the archives with the correct dates of when they were first published. Don’t have time to blog? We also offer SEO ready content writing for very reasonable rates.

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